• Congo, Republic of the

  • President Denis Sassou Nguesso
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  • Denis Sassou Nguesso is a Congolese politician who has been the President of the Republic of the Congo since 1997; he was previously President from 1979 to 1992. During his first period as President, he headed the single-party régime of the Congolese Party of Labour for 12 years. Under pressure from international sources, he introduced multiparty politics in 1990 and was then stripped of executive powers by the 1991 National Conference, remaining in office as a ceremonial head of state. He stood as a candidate in the 1992 presidential election but was defeated, placing third.
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  • Born
    Nov 23, 1943, Edou, French Equatorial Africa
  • Political party
    Congolese Party of Labour (1969–present)
  • Spouse(s)
    Antoinette Sassou Nguesso
  • Preceded by
    Pascal Lissouba
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