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  • President Donald J Trump
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  • Donald John Trump is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.
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    Is a lying liar, Is corrupt, Has bad character, Only cares about rich people, I would not want them to stop and help if my daughter broke down on the side of the road
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  • Born
    Donald John Trump, Jun 14, 1946, New York City
  • Political party
    Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present)
  • Other political affiliations
    Democratic (until 1987, 2001–09), Reform (1999–2001), Independent (2011–12)
  • Children
    Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron
  • Parents
    Fred, Mary Anne
  • Relatives
    See Family of Donald Trump
  • Residence
    White House (official/primary), Trump Natl. Bedminster (summer), Mar-a-Lago (winter), Trump Tower (private/secondary)
  • Alma mater
    The Wharton School (B.S. in Econ.)
  • Occupation
    Real estate developer, (The Trump Organization), Television host/producer, (The Apprentice)
  • Net worth
    US$3.5 billion (May 2017)
  • Vice President
    Mike Pence
  • Preceded by
    Barack Obama
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