• Azerbaijan

  • Prime Minister Artur Rasizade
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  • Artur Tahir oghlu Rasizade is the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan. Rasizade was a long-time Communist Party member during the Azerbaijan SSR period. He was Prime Minister from 20 July 1996 until 4 August 2003, when he resigned, ostensibly due to health reasons, enabling President Heydar Aliyev's son Ilham Aliyev to assume the office. Rasizade continued to act as Prime Minister for Ilham Aliyev, however, and he formally returned to the post on 4 November 2003, after Ilham Aliyev was elected as president.
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  • Born
    February 26, 1935, Ganja, Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union
  • Political party
    Communist Party of the Soviet Union (until 1991)
  • Religion
    Shia Islam
  • President
    Ilham Aliyev
  • Deputy
    Yaqub Eyyubov
  • Preceded by
    Ilham Aliyev
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