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  • President Mauricio Macri
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  • Mauricio Macri, is the current President of Argentina and has been in office since 2015. A former civil engineer, Macri won the first presidential runoff ballotage in Argentina's history and is the first democratically-elected non-Radical or Peronist president since 1916. He was chief of government of Buenos Aires from 2007 to 2015, and represented the city in the lower house of the Congress of Argentina from 2005 to 2007. The reintegration of Argentina into the international community is central to Macri's agenda.
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    If my daughter broke down on the side of the road i would want them to stop and help
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  • Born
    Feb 8, 1959, Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Political party
    Republican Proposal
  • Other political affiliations
    Commitment to Change, Cambiemos
  • Spouse(s)
    Yvonne Bordeu, Isabel Menditeguy, Juliana Awada
  • Children
  • Residence
    Quinta de Olivos
  • Education
    Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina
  • Profession
    Civil engineer
  • Vice President
    Gabriela Michetti
  • Preceded by
    Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner
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