• Afghanistan

  • Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah
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  • Abdullah Abdullah is an Afghan politician, serving as Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since September 2014. From October 2001 to April 2005, he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Prior to that he was a senior member of the Northern Alliance working as an adviser to Ahmad Shah Massoud. He also worked as a doctor during the late 1990s.
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  • Born
    Sept 5, 1960, Kārte Parwān, Kingdom of Afghanistan
  • Political party
    National Coalition of Afghanistan
  • Spouse(s)
    Fakhria Abdullah
  • Children
  • Alma mater
    Kabul University
  • Religion
  • President
    Ashraf Ghani
  • Deputy
    Mohammad Khan Rahmani, Mohammad Mohaqiq
  • Preceded by
    Position established
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